Dive In to Insurance
Outreach Programme

What is Dive In to Insurance?

This exciting new outreach initiative is part of the Dive In Festival promoting diversity and inclusion in the Insurance industry.

The programme aims to promote the profession to all levels of education, working with our partners, including The Switch, SEO and the Reach Society.

The outreach programme will launch after the Dive In Festival in September, with the aim of making it easy for the market to access volunteering and outreach opportunities for whole organisations, teams, and individuals.

It aims to utilise the skills and experience from across the market to engage the next generation, not just to join the profession, but bring new skills and innovative approaches from a diverse range of perspectives.

Our schools-based programmes focus on supporting young people through education and employment, feeding into Lloyd’s Inclusion pillar by helping to attract and retain a diverse workforce that will bring innovation to the insurance sector.

What to expect

  • By choosing to take part in Dive In to Insurance you are volunteering your time to support the development of young people in our schools-based programmes
  • There is a broad range of volunteering opportunities to choose from, supporting social mobility, diversity and others in need
  • You can choose how little or how much time you want to invest in the programme, from 30 minutes to regular weekly commitments
  • You can promote insurance as a career to the next generations of young people
  • There is minimal administration required, just turn up and make a difference!

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering is a great way to support diversity and inclusion in your workplace.

There are lots of ways to get involved but to make it easier we have separated them into four groups to help you get started.

Employability Skills

Help young people develop their employability skills, for example by reviewing their CV or taking part in a mock interview.

Sharing your career path

Share your personal career journey to excite and enlighten young people about routes into the insurance industry.

Become a mentor

Mentoring is a powerful personal development tool that will enable young people to maximise their potential and develop their employability skills.


Support younger children with their literacy.

How to take part

Explore and sign up for the different volunteering opportunities above. If you would like to speak to the Global Community Engagement team about volunteering more generally then please get in contact using the button below.

If you have the desire to use your knowledge to make a difference by inspiring and including the talent in our education system, then volunteering for the outreach program would not only help those you are working with but meet your own personal goals of fulfilment and skills development. Make that move today and find the right opportunity for you.