Dive In to Insurance
Outreach Programme

What is Dive In to Insurance?

This exciting new outreach initiative is part of the Dive In Festival promoting diversity and inclusion in the Insurance industry.

The programme aims to promote the profession to all levels of education, working with our partners, including The Switch, ELBA, SEO and the Reach Society.

The outreach programme launched September 2023, with the aim of making it easy for the market to access volunteering and outreach opportunities for whole organisations, teams, and individuals.

It aims to utilise the skills and experience from across the market to engage the next generation, not just to join the profession, but bring new skills and innovative approaches from a diverse range of perspectives.

Our schools-based programmes focus on supporting young people through education and employment, feeding into Lloyd’s Inclusion pillar by helping to attract and retain a diverse workforce that will bring innovation to the insurance sector.

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering is a great way to support diversity and inclusion in your workplace.

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Outreach Opportunities

Over the next few years, we have exciting outreach opportunities planned with the Reach Society that aim to encourage, motivate, and inspire young, ethnically diverse groups at various careers’ fairs. This is your chance to be involved in making Insurance an industry of choice and attract a more diverse workforce.

The opportunities are:

  • Attend the careers fairs and have your own stand promoting your firm and the insurance industry
  • Role models to attend from your staff to talk to students and discuss the different roles available in our industry and the path they have taken

Benefits of participation: 

  • Encourage a diverse workforce for your organisation
  • Help target the 1 in 3 hiring ambition
  • D&I engagement for employees
  • Opportunities for black male and ethnically diverse employees to be role models for younger students
  • Attract more black and ethnically diverse talent into the insurance sector, helping your firm develop a diverse talent pipeline

East London Business Alliance

(ELBA) builds the connection between businesses and local communities, bringing the time, skills and resources of the private sector, to help build the capacity of local organisations, support young people in education and place people into employment in London. ELBA makes community investment easier, more effective and more rewarding, whether through face-to-face activity or online.

Reach Society

Founded by a small group of friends who are professional Black men who had successfully navigated the social, economical and emotional challenges to develop from boys to men in the UK. Along the way they learnt the essential strategies needed to develop their potential to become useful contributors to their families, local communities and the wider society. By choosing to draw on their diverse personal experiences, educational qualifications and professional expertise the leaders of Reach Society are confident of their ability to encourage, motivate and inspire boys and young men from their cultural backgrounds to make similar transitions.

SEO London

Envisage a society where everyone, regardless of background, has an equal opportunity to achieve long-term professional and personal success. Via their Schools programme they help high-achieving students in years 11-13 broaden their horizons through access to academic, professional and enrichment opportunities. Through the SEO London Careers programme they equip talented university students to launch successful professional careers.

The Switch

A charity committed to helping children and young people meet their potential. Through a wide range of volunteer-based programmes, The Switch provides a vital link between education and the world of work. Through their modern and highly-effective programmes, they facilitate positive engagement between education and employers, helping young people fulfil their potential by aspiring to life-changing careers.

How to take part

Explore and sign up for the different volunteering opportunities above. If you would like to speak to the Global Community Engagement team about volunteering more generally then please get in contact using the button below.

If you have the desire to use your knowledge to make a difference by inspiring and including the talent in our education system, then volunteering for the outreach program would not only help those you are working with but meet your own personal goals of fulfilment and skills development. Make that move today and find the right opportunity for you.