2021 Festival in review

Building upon the success of 2020’s virtual festival, Dive in 2021 was also fully online, allowing attendees to join from anywhere in the world, facilitating conversations about diversity and inclusion on a global scale. In fact, the festival featured 145 events from across 35 different countries, attracting over 31,000 attendees around the world.

2021’s theme was Active Allyship, an incredibly important anchor narrative for all of the year’s events. The theme acted as a rallying cry for those involved to create and empower diversity and inclusion allies to take action and make an impact in their organisations.D&I has become a central, driving force within organisations around the world, for it to be truly embedded it is the responsibility of everyone to make changes every day by being educated, equipped, and empowered to understand how to be active allies and champions for all.

In Italy, events looked at work-life balance and parenting support, whereas in Singapore the focus was on workplace responses to domestic violence. Nigeria hosted an event on the generation gap and Dive In Hong Kong discussed empowerment through inclusive communication, while the UK looked at embracing the power of neurodiversity.

We expect Dive In to follow on from the success of last years event and hope that you can join us on the 27 – 29 of September for Dive In 2022…

Dive In 2021: Launch film