As part of the Dive In 2023 #WorkYourWay campaign we received incredible stories from across the sector about how diverse ways of working have aided innovation. Discover more about these stories below.

Elena Holt- IQUW

Meet Elena Holt, Assistant Underwriter at IQUW as she shares her #WorkYourWay experience!

“I joined IQUW fresh out of university as an entry-level Underwriting Assistant, and thanks to the innovative flat structure here, I’ve had access to an array of opportunities that many of my peers across the market haven’t. Traditionally, the industry can be hierarchal, but it’s not the case here. Every voice is welcome at the table in IQUW, regardless of tenure length, our leaders value and acknowledge the worth in all lived experiences. We’re all encouraged to speak up, ask questions and pick apart the ‘why’ in everything we do. 

As a tech-driven, data-led organisation, IQUW looks wider than the insurance sphere for our thought leadership, we endeavour to embody professional curiosity. All Assistant Underwriters are in a deliberate rotation model working pattern to give us maximum exposure across all lines of business. 

It’s a fantastic business to be a part of and I feel fortunate to be surrounded by those who believe in my progression as much as I do.”

David Evans – DLA Piper

What is David Evans, Associate at DLA Piper #WorkYourWay story?

DLA Piper believes in the value of diverse experiences. David's enriching experience on secondment in Sydney didn’t just change his work environment – it broadened his perspective, infusing fresh innovation and greater collaboration into client interactions.

Alexandra Lyons - DLA Piper

What is Alexandra Lyons, Senior Associate at DLA Piper, #WorkYourWay experience?

By incorporating ergonomic solutions, such as her customised keyboard and mouse – which effectively alleviates her previous shoulder problems – DLA Piper cultivated an environment that allows Alex to effectively manage her career while tending to her young children both in the office and at home.

Kate Smith – CNA Hardy

Meet Kate Smith, Operational Change Manager at CNA Hardy, as she shares her #WorkYourWay Journey.

“Working at CNA Hardy has been transformative for me, especially given my unique circumstances. Diagnosed with severe ADHD two years ago, alongside managing my household and a son awaiting an ADHD diagnosis, CNA Hardy's understanding and support have been invaluable. The flexibility in my working pattern allows me to harness my strengths while managing my responsibilities effectively. Embracing my differences, CNA Hardy recognizes the positive influence my ADHD brings to my role as an Operational Change Manager. When I'm at our London or Manchester offices, the well-being room aids me in managing my ADHD symptoms. I’m able to meditate, maintain my focus and productivity. Additionally, working from home or my gym, where I can exercise and find quiet moments, enhances my innovative thinking. Even during school holidays, I can balance work and family seamlessly, like my son enjoying the pool while I work nearby. CNA Hardy's commitment to accommodating individual needs truly empowers me to excel in my role.”

Lisa Wlodarski - Markel

Meet Lisa Wlodarski from Markel Canada as she manages her Crohn’s Disease.

Embracing #WorkYourWay, she navigates her role with flexibility, alternating between home and office.

This empowers her to thrive, even on tough health days, preventing them from turning worse.

Michela Bertora - AON

Michela Bertora, National Marketing Manager Communications at Aon New Zealand, shared her #WorkYourWay story.

“I’m Michela Bertora, Aon New Zealand’s National Marketing Manager Communications. I work in a hybrid workstyle, a combination of at home and from our Mt Maunganui branch in Tauranga.

We are unique in New Zealand, with a network of over 70 branches. Over recent years, we’ve innovated our approach to marketing and communications, being mindful that many of our clients are going through journeys with their own working styles and that we need to adapt to keep pace.

Hybrid working through Aon’s Smart Working approach has provided a new way for me to connect with my colleagues, not just across New Zealand, but anywhere in the world - regardless of where I, or they, live and work. Working in the office is great for in-person collaboration, and the flexibility to work at home, too, has opened up opportunities for alternative communication methods, inspiring both new ideas and solutions.

For me, having the flexibility to work from home has also been invaluable in my return to work from parental leave. Without this flexibility, I wouldn’t be able to juggle the priorities of my three small children and work the hours I do – Smart Working has made my return both possible and manageable.”

Patrick Groneman - AON

Patrick Groneman, Digital Designer at Aon Scotland, shares his #WorkYourWay story.

“Working flexibly through Aon’s Smart Working approach has allowed me to work remotely when that was better for me as both a dyslexic and part-time carer for a family member. The ability to go into an office when I needed it, and to take my more ‘high-impact’ work into an office space, was helpful in keeping my social health and workplace connections much stronger.

At the moment, I am taking advantage of the ability to work virtually, by combining work with occasional house-sitting and pet-sitting, which allows me to combine my love of travel, pet care and meeting new people with staying healthy, productive and engaged in the diverse tapestry of work that I contribute to Aon as a Digital Designer and inclusion enthusiast.

This photo is of me in a friends’ kitchen where I am helping to look after their pet for a few weeks, allowing me daily walks on the beach and in new parks and woodlands.”

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Abdulrahman - Howden Broking

Meet Abdulrahman as he takes us on a captivating journey through his incredible #WorkYourWay experience. He discusses how after attending multiple job fairs without success, he eventually discovered disability inclusion digital hub, Inclusive. The team saw beyond his disabilities and played a crucial role in guiding him towards a transformative path at Howden Broking.

Mark Lomas - Lloyd's

Meet Mark Lomas, Chartered FCIPD, Head of Culture at Lloyd's as he shares his #WorkYourWay journey.

“I get to work flexibly and that enables me to do the nursey run. Drop my son off, pick my son up, that’s some of the benefits of working my way.”

Monica Stancu - Lloyd's

Meet Monica Stancu, Senior Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Lloyd's, as she shares her #WorkYourWay journey.

“I deliver diversity and inclusion work both in the UK and globally. A flexible working policy and the technology we use today, allows us to connect with colleagues in the corporation and the market no matter where we may be in the world. I’m really grateful that we get to work our way while also working together to drive positive change”

Chiara Zaccariotto - QBE

As part of #DiveIn2023, we're tapping into industry insights to uncover stories of innovative work styles that enrich both innovation and community impact. Meet Chiara Zaccariotto, Marketing Business Partner at QBE Italia. Through her #WorkYourWay journey, Chiara unveils a compelling narrative of how QBE's culture of radical flexibility has become her greatest asset. By setting her own pace, she not only boosts productivity but also fuels the flames of innovation, channeling her unique strengths with precision.

Chiara's journey stands as a living testament to the extraordinary achievements possible when we break free from traditional molds, embracing diverse work methodologies.

Tina Ruredzo - AON

Tina Ruredzo, PMP, PMI-ACP, Global Inclusion Program Manager at Aon Arizona, shares her #WorkYourWay story. Her prominent international role doesn't cause her to worry about early commuting to the office. Thanks to her flexible work hours, she could support her mother after her knee replacement surgery, maintain her own active lifestyle as a triathlete, and fulfil her work responsibilities effectively.