The background

This year’s Dive In festival theme is The Power of Inclusion: Unlocking Innovation in which we hope to explore how DE&I can help to unlock innovation to address the challenges facing the insurance industry. We want to hear stories from across the Dive In community about how your different ways of working can aid innovation. These will be shared in an edited video and photo series on the Dive In social media pages. 

How to get involved

We are inviting you to share an image or self-film video of you in your working environment and tell us why it suits your needs and unlocks innovation. For example: 

  • Do you enjoy working in the office so you can be inspired by your colleagues and collaborate? 
  • Are you neurodiverse and so require noise cancelling headphones to focus? 
  • Do you have care responsibilities requiring you to work from home? Does that enable you to be more innovative?
  • Do you work across international regions and need flexibility in working hours to suit your stakeholders?
  • Do you have specific tools, assistive technology or practices which enable you to work your way?

We are interested in diversity in the broadest sense and to be defined by you. We want to hear how your working pattern or environment makes a positive impact on the way you work and how you innovate.

Please describe this to us in the video or submit a short written description alongside your image (just a few lines is okay). We will be sharing all your videos on the Dive In social media feeds so please only share with us if you are happy for your image/video to be shared publicly. 

Please submit your video or image, with written explanation by 18th August including your name, company, position, and country.

Technical detail

  • If you are filming, please try to ensure filming happens in a quiet place 
  • Please try to keep the video length to no longer than 2 minutes. 1 minute is preferable. 
  • You can record your video in any language, though please provide a written version so we can translate it. 
  • We would recommend using a phone/tablet, or record yourself at your desk on a video conferencing app e.g. Zoom 
  • If you are using Zoom, set up an instant/new meeting (with yourself), press record, talk to the camera, press stop when you are finished, and end the meeting. Zoom will create an mp4 file which you will find in Documents/Zoom on your computer.
  • It may be easier to have someone else film you, but please ensure you are close enough to the phone so we can hear you