Celebrate the unsung heroes of diversity and inclusion

While top-level policies lay the groundwork, it's middle managers who truly infuse diversity and inclusion into the heart of corporate cultures. Behind the scenes, your manager might be working tirelessly, ensuring every voice is not just heard, but valued. Yet, their efforts often go unnoticed. Now is the time to change that! By nominating your manager, you have the power to spotlight their dedication and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Winners will be featured across Dive In’s social media channels in the run up to the festival which takes place from 24 to 26 September. 

Ready to nominate? Choose from one of the four categories that best represent your manager's contributions and fill out the submission form below. 

Please submit your nomination by 28th June.

Carry on the conversation by using the #NominateMyManager and #DiveIn2024.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Recognising dedication to fostering an inclusive environment, implementing initiatives, and valuing feedback.

Advocacy and Leadership

Celebrating champions who actively promote diverse perspectives, offer equitable opportunities, and mentor underrepresented groups.

Innovation and Collaboration

Highlighting managers who embrace innovative approaches, create diverse working environments, and effectively collaborate across backgrounds.

Communications and Engagement

Acknowledging leaders who effectively communicate the importance of diversity, actively engage with team feedback, and foster inclusive practices.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that Communication Teams are not eligible to submit entries for this initiative. However, if you have neurodiverse or similar needs and may find it challenging to submit a nomination independently, we encourage you to reach out to your company’s Communications Team for assistance in drafting your entry. If you are unsure about who to contact for support, please feel free to email us.