2022 Festival in review

2022 saw the Dive In festival become hybrid, allowing attendees to join virtually from anywhere in the world, whilst also welcoming back in-person events. With 150 events to choose from across 40 countries, the festival saw its highest ever turnout, attracting 33,952 attendees around the world. Industry leaders and inspirational guest speakers united for the 3-day global event, breaking down geographical barriers and creating a stronger global dialogue on diversity, equity and inclusion.

The festival continued its mission of enabling people to achieve their potential by promoting positive action for diversity in all its forms. The theme for 2022 was Building Braver Cultures – both on and offline – that allow people to feel safe, respected, and free to express themselves. The theme explored how diverse groups of people think and act in the workplace in response to the environments created by both colleagues and leadership. It called on attendees to take action to build working cultures where all people are recognised and empowered to speak and behave authentically.

In the UK, events explored topics from burn out to (peri)menopause, whereas in the US they delved into the importance of religious equality for the first time. New Zealand and Indonesia both hosted events on addressing ageism and in Singapore they discussed the links between wellbeing and hybrid work.