Introducing Dive In to Reverse Mentoring

The Dive In Festival is the “Glastonbury” Festival of the Insurance Industry for diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). Following on from the success of the festival and to enable continued promotion of DE&I throughout the year, the Dive In Festival 2023 September 26th-28th will be followed by Dive In to Reverse Mentoring

This new initiative is aimed at fostering connections between leaders across diverse segments of the Lloyd's market globally and individuals at all levels, allowing the sharing of experiences, perspectives and learning.

The aim is to foster continued learning and collaboration across the industry, promoting new perspectives, visions and skills to ensure the growth of diversity and inclusion across the industry.

This program will enable new generations working within insurance to also have their input and help drive the changing society norms. There is a constant and evolving need to adapt working practices, culture and ideas in the workplace and through the Reverse Mentoring, greater diversity and inclusion will foster growth and innovation in the industry.

What is Reverse Mentoring:

Reverse mentoring is the process of senior leaders engaging with individuals at different levels within the industry, at a more junior level. This enables a shared learning experience with the goal of exchanging experience, knowledge, perspectives, and skills. It encourages professional interactions that break through communication barriers that form with rank, seniority, and generational differences.

Unlike normal mentoring, in these interactions it is the junior participant that takes the lead and mentors the more senior person.

What is expected:

  • Mentors and mentees meet once a month for up to an hour for a six month period
  • Up to 6 hours of Reverse Mentoring over the 6 months
  • Mentors and mentees agree on an actionable outcome of the process
  • Mentors will be matched with mentees interested in the same areas
  • Meetings can be held virtually if location doesn’t allow in person
  • You can choose from 16 topic from areas including Social Media, Technology, Speaking Up and Mental Health

Topics to choose from:

Micro-aggressions / Technology / Social media / Sexual orientation / Sponsoring diverse talent / Creativity and innovation / Disability and conditions / Lived experiences, ethnicity and race / Marginalisation and lived experiences / My culture (global cultures) / Mental health and wellbeing / Religions and beliefs / Generational perspectives / The future of work / Mental health, gender / Speaking up/ welcoming change

Whilst senior leaders may feel that the time commitment is an obstacle, all those involved in reverse mentoring have described the experience as a positive enhancement to their own development and to the greater promotion of diversity and inclusion in their workplace. The exchange of perspectives is fundamental to greater cultural and generational understanding and competence, which then generates innovative ideas and solutions.

Benefits of Reverse Mentoring:

How to take part

To take part in Dive In to Reverse Mentoring either as a mentor or mentee, please register via the buttons below and fill out the form.

Matching will take place from 3rd October.

If you are already registered with Lloyd’s Pushfar mentoring platform, please go to “preferences”, select a programme and then select the Dive In to Reverse Mentoring.