Dive In to Reverse Mentoring

Dive In to Reverse Mentoring is NOW OPEN!

Join as a mentor or mentee today and learn from individuals worldwide, at all levels of seniority.

After the success of its inaugural run in 2023, Dive In to Reverse Mentoring returns for a second year! Last year, we matched 185 participants and facilitated nearly 100 hours of insightful meetings. We are excited to continue this impactful initiative in 2024.

Create professional interactions that break through communication barriers that form rank, seniority, and generational differences. #ReverseMentoring #Mentorship #ProfessionalDevelopment #DiversityAndInclusion2024. 

Senior leaders or ‘Mentees’

Learn from different viewpoints and experiences to broaden your perspectives and understanding of issues affecting others in the industry, to improve diversity and inclusion.

Junior team members or ‘Mentors’

Share your experiences and perspectives with senior team members, gaining the opportunity to coach (or even challenge) them on issues related to diversity and inclusion.

What is expected:

Mentors and mentees meet once a month for up to an hour for a six month period
Up to 6 hours of Reverse Mentoring over the 6 months
Mentors and mentees agree on an actionable outcome of the process
Mentors will be matched with mentees interested in the same areas
Meetings can be held virtually if location doesn’t allow in person
You can choose from 16 topic from areas including Social Media, Technology, Speaking Up and Mental Health

Topics to choose from:

Micro-aggressions / Technology / Social media / Sexual orientation / Sponsoring diverse talent / Creativity and innovation / Disability and conditions / Lived experiences, ethnicity and race / Marginalisation and lived experiences / My culture (global cultures) / Mental health and wellbeing / Religions and beliefs / Generational perspectives / The future of work / Mental health, gender / Speaking up / welcoming change

How to take part

Registration is now open to sign up to our mentoring platform and secure matches today as either a mentor or a mentee from within the global business sector.

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Would recommend it

Whilst senior leaders may feel that the time commitment is an obstacle, all those involved in reverse mentoring have described the experience as a positive enhancement to their own development and to the greater promotion of diversity and inclusion in their workplace. The exchange of perspectives is fundamental to greater cultural and generational understanding and competence, which then generates innovative ideas and solutions.

"This was an incredibly rewarding and challenging experience especially in terms of learning how younger colleagues perceive management, the behaviours they value and those they don't. The most interesting was that often they don't want or expect leaders to share their own values and behaviours - but they do expect leaders to live theirs."
Feedback from a Mentor
"It's a wonderful space to expand my network. Really enjoyed and appreciated my mentors commitment to this dynamic."
Feedback from a Mentee

Benefits of Reverse Mentoring: