Three things we learnt about avoiding burnout and embracing your greatness

Published: 28 Nov 2023

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To answer the global Dive In call for collective action, to create inclusive cultures and to move our industry forward under the theme of Unlocking Innovation: The Power of Inclusion, AIG along with fellow sponsors, Chubb, Sompo, Argo and AXA XL enlisted the support of psychologist and meditation coach, George Mumford.

George opened our minds to self-reflect and take personal accountability to allow us to discover our innate abilities, avoid burnout, and discover sustainable success.

George challenged us to become in close contact with that part of ourselves that is most true to who we are, for us to unlock our innate abilities.

1. Avoid burnout by creating rituals

To avoid burnout, he suggested we find sacred spaces, create rituals, meditate, employ breathing exercises, incorporate physical movement, and make sure we fill our own cups so we are able to fill others.

One attendee commented, “One of my takeaways was that the mind often runs wild, and at times with negativity, but we are in control! We simply need to tell our mind, no, that’s not how it’s going to go…this is how it is going to go!”

2. Focus on a growth mindset  

To discover sustainable success, we must have a growth mindset. When we are continuous learners, we understand more about what allows us to present our best selves to the world. Some suggestions from George to expand our minds included listening to podcasts, audio books, and reading.  

As one attendee said, “George opened the opportunity for us to tap into oneself. What hit home about the session is that George reminded us it is all about self-realisation and acceptance.”

Our greatness is what we have to offer the world and when we do, the world offers it back to us.

3. Remember we are all human

Amongst the many enlightening and thought-provoking actions of the day, the best takeaways for us to ponder as an industry, to drive more inclusive cultures, is for us to remember we are all human beings. George noted “we are not what we think we are, but we are what we think we are; we must see ourselves as masterpieces by unlocking what is already within us; no struggle, no swag; and you have to forget yourself, to find yourself.”

We are all alive to discover our inner greatness and it is unlocking that inner greatness that allows us to see each other as “kin” and not as enemies.  

These self-reflective tools will enable us as an industry to drive innovation to solve some of the world’s largest challenges TOGETHER because we will become an industry that thrives from diverse perspectives which will naturally unlock innovation.