Dive In Melbourne 2017: Outcomes

Published: 15 Apr 2019

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Unconscious bias is a challenging issue for the insurance industry to tackle in 2017. However on 27 September over 200 insurance professionals in Melbourne helped to raise awareness of unconscious bias and the practical solutions available both now, and into the future.

Attendees overwhelmingly rated Dive In Festival Melbourne a success. Our feedback survey found 83 per cent of attendees rated their enjoyment of the event higher than 8 out of 10, while 80 per cent gave it the same high score for raising unconscious bias awareness in our industry.

Thanks to Dive In Melbourne’s fantastic speakers and format, a full 100 per cent of our survey respondents also said they would like to see another Dive In event in Melbourne next year.

SURA, Liberty International Underwriters and Wotton + Kearney who collaborated to make Dive In Melbourne a success, encourage you to review and share the outcomes you helped create – beautifully captured by graphic recorder Jessamy Gee – with your industry colleagues and friends.